We are waiting on approval by the Conservation Officer of our choice of stone. Once that is given, the stone will be bought and the preparation and carving will take place at the mason's yard. Then on 12th May we hope works will start at the Town Hall itself.
We are delighted to say that the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust has agreed to our application for funding towards the repairs. This means that we have now met our funding target for replacing the pillars and lintel. The repai
We have just heard that Grundon Waste Management has awarded us up to £7500 towards the appeal. Many thanks to them.
The Town Trust will be at Winchcombe Country Show on Bank Holiday Monday. We will have a set of stocks for you to try out, a photo exhibition of Winchcombe Flower Shows in the past, children's activities and reference material  
We have been advised that the tenders are likely to come in significantly higher than we had expected. This is partly due to changes regarding regulations relating to the traffic management the works require. This means that our fundraising target now stands at £80,000. So we have gone from being close to achieving our goal, to having to raise another £25,000.
Four specialist contractors have been asked to tender for the works.  
Tewkesbury Borough Council has granted us Listed Building consent. 

The permission requires us to replace the decayed stone in the pillars and lintels with a similar stone.
Tewkesbury Borough Council has committed £38,000 towards the appeal, which takes us within striking distance of our £55,000 target. The funds come from a Section 106 agreement.  
Winchcombe Town Council has been the first funder to back the Town Trust in its appeal for funds. The Council has offered up to £10,000 for the works. Let's hope that other funders follow suit.
On the Repairs page (click button above) you will now find the Surveyor's report and plans for the repairs.
Whilst on the History page (also above) you can download a potted history of the Town Hall produced by Winchcombe Museum.